Foshan Dade Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (DALAUDE) established in Jul, 2017, with 3000m² Factories specializing in design and manufacture of intraoral camera, etc. DALAUDE located in Foshan South China Life Science Park. With "integrity, quality, technology, and service" forming the core of its corporate values. It focuses on developing and creating high quality, highly technical intraoral cameras.

Thanks to its favorable location in southern China. DALAUDE has created a comprehensive network across the overseas market. Over a 5 year period of providing excellent products and customized services, DALAUDE has cooperated with a number of good dealers.

As one of the biggest manufacturers of intraoral camera in China, DALAUDE is based on the ISO13485 management system, and has established a scientific and people-centric management system, that allows each department to communicate efficiently and maximize productivity. It emphasizes constantly strives for innovation in technology and corporate models.

DALAUDE service system not only provides high-quality products, but also provides a comprehensive sales service system. With skilled English, Chinese, and Japanese-speaking staff providing on-line assistance, and help the overseas technical teams to help the dentists to solve problems in a short time.

As an outstanding proponent of the ISO management system, DALAUDE strives to provide its customers with products of the highest quality. Every honor it has gained is thanks to the staff that have worked hard for the company over the past 5 years.

DALAUDE will continue to move with the times, face its challenges, and emphasize the innovation, in order to satisfy the demands of its customers in a professional manner and contribute to the development of the dentistry.
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