DTL Dental Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd.

About DTL-dent

DTL-dent Foshan Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. Focuses on the R&D, production and after-sales maintenance of dental handpieces. And has established the largest SRX dental handpiece repair center in China. Providing quality high-speed and low-speed dental handpieces, dental electric micromotors and associated dental products and services to dentists. We are committed to making dentists′ treatments simpler, more efficient, more precise and more assured.

Excellent Quality

The products we produce are the result of extensive market research. Our mission is to develop and produce products that meet your requirements, and you can get the perfect quality experience from each of our products. A selection of high-quality accessories, modern high-precision equipment processing, each product undergoes extensive functional testing before delivery, and continuous testing at every stage of the manufacturing process, all to ensure that each piece of the factory products Excellent quality in accordance with the ISO standard 13485.

Good Value

An important feature of our products is their superior efficiency. Not only the attractive purchase price, but also the exceptionally high durability. Reduced product rework rates, effective maintenance costs and delays during maintenance, which can help you to work efficiently. It thanks to our high quality and High-precision accessories.

OEM Valet Processing Service

DTL-dent has a strong technical team, has accumulated a wealth of R&D and production experience. And has the ability to customize the services of high-quality dental handpiece, electric micromotors and other products.

Under the principle of "mutual benefit and common development", DTL-dent is willing to cooperate with colleagues from all walks of life to create a better tomorrow.
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