Guangzhou GT Health industry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturers & Exporter of many kinds dental Instruments like dental high speed handpiece, low speed handpiece, surgical handpiece, dental suction unit, dental X-ray machine, teeth whitening machine, teeth whitening get kit, shade guide, micro motor, dental scaler, dental LED curing light, endo motor, dental unit, dental chair, tooth dryer, Gutta percha cutter, intra oral camera...etc. And mirco brush/micro applicators, dental impression tray, impression gun, mixing pad, mixing bowls, dental tray, denture box, denture brush, barrier film, dental needles & syringe, endo file, mouth opener/ cheek retractor, air/water syringe tip, mixing tips, prophy brushes, prophy cup, prophy angle, diamond burs, carbide burs, bur holder, dental wooden wedge, plastic wedge, saliva ejector, suction tip, dental bib. And orthodontic items like metal / ceramic brackets, ligature tie, power chain, aligner chewies, Niti arch wires, orthodontic kit, dental floss, sterilization pouch, sealing machine, indicator tape, vacuum sterilizer, water distiller, tongue cleaner, interdental brush. And personal protective items like face shield, face mask, disposable Nitrile glove, isolation gown, safety goggles, cap cover, shoe cover in Guangzhou, China. Mainly export to American and European market. We have professional staffs to provide qualified product, prompt reply and on-time-delivery service to all our customers. All the products have met various international requirements. Besides, we will always would like to give the most favorable and competitive prices to our customers. Welcome to do OEM and distribute GT′s dental products.
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