Shanghai Jingzhan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

Shanghai JingZhan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of oral tool processing equipment. Our company began to develop root canal file production equipment in 2008. In 2009, the first root canal file production machine was designed and completed. Adhering to a responsible attitude, the company has not introduced the equipment to the market, but adopted the policy of R & D and production at the same time. We have gained valuable R & D experience from production and are upgrading our equipment according to the characteristics of the products. Through the efforts of the company′s team for many years, our oral product production equipment has been upgraded to five generations of products, and new R & D equipment has been continuously added, which has been highly praised by customers at home and abroad. Our company′s equipment mainly includes: Three-axis root canal file automatic production machine, four-axis root canal file automatic production machine, (heat activated root canal file production process), a full set of oral root canal nail equipment We provide a series of free training services (video teaching, factory learning, technical guidance, etc. ) for dental equipment such as dental drill CNC grinder, fiber post open drill grinder, pulp pulling needle, dental silk production equipment, rubber chain production equipment, rotary file grinder, EDM grinding wheel repair machine, oral g-drill p-drill CNC grinder, etc. Our system is self-developed and has no requirements for the employees of the operating system. It is easy to learn and operate. In addition, our team can also customize special production machines for you according to your samples and requirements. We uphold exquisite technology, exquisite equipment and exquisite service for the purpose, welcome your consultation!
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